Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Providence is Moving...

Are you noticing all those new LA Animal Services advertisements at bus stops all over town?

I want to announce the launch of an educational print campaign developed by Rachel Paap from RP WORX and the Pet Assistance Foundation, one of the oldest animal welfare foundations in LA. Thanks to Rachel and the Foundation you will now see in bus shelters and on small billboards in targeted areas of the city of LA a series of creative life saving messages. Smaller versions will also be displayed in all the animal shelters and will be used as promotional materials at community events.

The majority of the campaign was paid for by city council members and neighborhood councils. However, the driving force behind this campaign is Rachel Paap from RP WORX. Rachel is magnanomously willing to share the artwork to maximize these messages in other areas.

Rachel is currently working on an anti-cruelty print that is part of a larger anti-cruelty campaign that is intended to be completed by January 07.

LA Animal Services is grateful for the wonderful work that Rachel is doing to help us get the message of responsible pet guardianship and spay/neuter into the LA community. Please visit Rachel's website for other upcoming special projects at www.rpworx.com

You can reach Rachel Paap at RP Worx Public Relations, Strategic Marketing & Campaign Development for the cause at 323-459-9722 or rachel@rpworx.org

As more and more citizens, organizations and companies recognize the importance of helping LA Animal Services the sooner we as a community will be able to achieve our No-Kill Goal!

I also want to thank Scott Sorrentino, President of the Rescue & Humane Alliance (RHA-LA), who joined LA Animal Services in a demonstration of commitment to lifesaving for the homeless animals of Los Angeles this past weekend. Together we declared Veterans Day Weekend, November 10-November 13, a “no-kill” weekend for the North Central Animal Care Center. For this period, LA Animal Services implemented a moratorium on the killing of healthy/treatable animals and focused on saving as many lives as possible through redemption (returning lost animals to their guardians) and adoption.

The result was no animals were euthanized and live placements were four times higher than the same weekend last year. The Rescue & Humane Alliance called the event the 2006 “Pumpkin Festival". It was held on Sunday November 12th at the newly-expanded North Central Animal Care Center located at 3201 Lacy Street in Los Angeles. A dog, a cat and a rabbit named “Pumpkin” kicked off the Festival. The goal was to empty the shelter of available animals. Professional animal trainers and adoption counselors were on-hand throughout the day to assist members of the public, and LA Animal Services offered free microchips for animals adopted at the Festival. In addition, every adopter received a gift bag filled with toys and treats for their new “Pumpkin".

LA Animal Services and RHA‑LA have partnered on several projects since January, and the “No-Kill” Weekend at North Central was another significant effort in the implementation of an overall “no-kill” policy for the City’s animal care centers.

“Progressive ‘no-kill’ animal sheltering is not a myth or an impossible ideal,” said Scott Sorrentino of RHA-LA. “It is first a decision, and then an act of will. Los Angeles has made the decision, so if we can all work together to successfully implement ‘no‑kill’ policies at one shelter, we can create a model to bring this same level of life-saving to all of the shelters throughout the City.”

We at LA Animal Services can’t emphasize enough how much we need and appreciate the public’s support to take this initiative from a special weekend program to a permanent and sustainable policy.

In the words of W. H. Murray, "The moment one definitely commits oneself then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen events, meetings and material assistance which no one could have dreamed would have come their way."

This is beginning to happen, from advertisements, to events, to donations and grants, to the formation of SALA (Shelter Animals of LA), all sorts of things are occuring to help LA achieve No-Kill that would never otherwise have occurred. And I want to thank all LA Animal Services friends, volunteers, partners, donors and adopters for being a part of providence moving us all toward a more humane society!