Sunday, March 04, 2007

Match Maker, Match Maker, Find Me a Match

One of the best kept secrets on LA Animal Services website is a function called, “Match Maker”. Today, Match Maker is prominently featured on our front page to help let everyone know this powerful tool exists. Recently a friend of the department whose family found the love of their life through this service admonished Animal Services that we should be shouting about this function from the housetops.

So consider this Blog a shout from the housetop! If you, a friend, or a family member are looking for a specific type of pet (dog or cat, male or female, specific breed or mix, size, age, and even color) please visit our Match Maker program.

Match Maker will prompt you to register all the information that is important to you in finding your perfect match. When a pet matching your criteria becomes available in any one of our six Animal Care Centers, you will immediately receive an email that includes a picture, description, and information where to go to adopt your Match!

LA Animal Services takes in on average 115 pets a day into our six Animal Care Centers spread out across Los Angeles. Searching for your perfect match without Match Maker can be an arduous and even frustrating exercise. While we still encourage you to visit our Centers, let Match Maker help you find your perfect match.

Please try this function for yourself and help Animal Services get the word out that this program is available to anyone looking for their perfect match! You can find Match Maker on LA Animal Services front page: