Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Police Departments Across California Support AB 1634

Salinas and Capitola Police Departments are the most recent law enforcement departments to endorse California Healthy Pets Act. The Salinas and Capitola Police Departments have joined the growing coalition of support for the California Healthy Pets Act, which will help keep communities safer by reducing the number of unwanted stray dogs roaming the streets and reduce dog bites.

“This bill will be a much needed tool to aid in the fight to reduce pet overpopulation in California and more specifically, in the City of Salinas,” said Salinas Police Chief Daniel Ortega. The City of Capitola is located in Santa Cruz County, which already has a spay/neuter law that has helped to reduce save taxpayer’s money by reducing pet overpopulation. “We are confident that the cost to the City of Capitola to shelter and euthanize unwanted pets could further be reduced if AB1634 was in effect throughout the state, as the dumping of cats and dogs from outside jurisdictions would be reduced with the implementation of a statewide spay-neuter law,” said Capitola Police Chief Richard Ehle.

Other law enforcement agencies that have already announced their endorsement of the bill include but is not limited to Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and Beverly Hills Police Departments. For a listing of the hundreds of organizations supporting AB 1634 visit: