Monday, June 04, 2007

Arm Yourself with the Truth about AB 1634

Arm yourself with a thorough knowledge and understanding of AB 1634. Please refer to these documents so you know what to do and say in defense of AB 1634!

1. How YOU can help:

2. What Law Enforcement says about AB 1634:

3. Summary of AB 1634 Provisions:

4. Rebuttal to claims of failed mandatory efforts in other communities:

5. Rebuttal to AKC claims:

6. Medical TRUTH about early spay/neuter:

7. Frequently asked questions:

8. Nine reasons California NEEDS AB 1634:

9. An overview of AB 1634:

For more helpful information on AB 1634 visit:

The Assembly is likely to vote this week. Maybe today! If you have not talked to your Assembly Representative yet it is not too late. Call and FAX today!