Friday, October 12, 2007

Match Maker, Match Maker, Find Me a Match...

Many adopters are discovering a powerful new tool to help them find their perfect pet. Of course, we're talking about LA Animal Services' Match Maker program. It is truly wonderful that more and more guardians are finding their perfect pet using Match Maker. However, it is startling how many people still express surprise when they first learn about this amazing program. So we are asking you to help us get the word out to anyone looking for a pet.

Match Maker is simple to use and can be accessed from the comfort of your home or office. Just click on this Match Maker link and you will be able to place a personalized request for your perfect pet. You simply tell Match Maker the breed, age, sex, and color of the pet you are looking to adopt. Then Match Maker will automatically contact you by e-mail with a picture and description of any pet matching your request, along with information on when and where you can find your new pet.

Currently, the program is designed to help you find a dog, but we hope soon you will be able to find your new pet cat and rabbit using Match Maker. Try it out, and tell all your family, friends, and neighbors about Match Maker.