Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rottie pair abused by con man need help

In the last day or two, e-mails with the above subject line have been circulated on the world wide web. Here is an update on the situation:

On August 3, 2008, LA Animal Services West Valley Center contacted the LA Police Department regarding a serious incident involving one of our pets. Citizens visiting our Center alleged that they saw a man taunting and agitating a dog named Cesar, an adult Rottweiler, with an unidentified object. The witnesses also alleged that they saw him stomp on the dog’s paw in retaliation to a small bite he received during the taunting incident.

Cesar was found to have a cut along the top of his muzzle, which was immediately treated by our medical team. Fortunately, the cut was not serious and required no sutures. The individual was instructed by LAPD that he was not permitted inside any of our Centers and a report was filed and the matter has been referred to the Animal Cruelty Task Force (ACTF) for investigation.

We, at LA Animal Services, are deeply saddened by this serious incident and are thankful that Cesar is making a full physical recovery. We applaud the brave witnesses who came forward and recounted the facts to the Police. We are confident that the matter will be fully investigated and justice will be served on Cesar's behalf.

We appreciate your inquires regarding Cesar's well being. It is our fervent hope that Cesar and his best buddy, Cleo (also an adult Rottweiler), will soon have warm and loving homes available to them. Cesar and Cleo can be viewed on our website at Just type in A0934326 for Cleo and A0934327 for Cesar. Our Best Buddy program allows you to adopt one animal for the full adoption fee and his/her buddy at one half the adoption fee.

Both Cesar and Cleo came into our Center on March 17th, five months ago, as lost pets without licenses or microchips. 100% of the lost animals that come into LA Animal Services with current identification go home. Unfortunately, 99% of the animals that come into LA Animals Services have no identification, and never go home again.

Cesar and Cleo are on our Green Alert which means any New Hope partner can rescue them and they are available to the public for adoption.