Monday, July 21, 2008


AB1634 Overview

Problem: Massive pet overpopulation and animal bites in California.

Roaming animals create untold numbers of accidental pregnancies. According to the CA Department of Public Health, over 800,000 dogs and cats are abandoned annually in our state; this costs taxpayers over $250 million each year. Over half of these pets, 400,000 of them, are not adopted and thus are euthanized at taxpayer expense. Unaltered dogs are three times more likely to bite, and almost 40,000 people in California are attacked and bitten by dogs and cats each year. Children are the most common victims.

AB 1634 – A common sense law to help combat pet overpopulation and bites.

AB 1634 is a common sense tool that allows law enforcement to target roaming animals, prevent unplanned animal litters and reduce animal attacks. The law requires the owner of a nonspayed or unneutered dog or cat to be cited for being intact, if the animal is the subject of a valid complaint indicating that the owner has violated state or local animal control laws. At any occurrence, the penalty is waived if the animal is spayed or neutered.

AB 1634 – Building on existing law.

Current state law already provides additional fines for the owners of impounded nonspayed or unneutered animals. AB 1634 increases existing fines, and adds a spay or neuter requirement for the small number of animals subject to repeated animal control action.

The new law is similar to existing laws in other states, providing an additional tool for law enforcement to deal with animals and owners who repeatedly violate state and local laws.

AB 1634 – A fair process.
AB 1634 does not apply to animals that are caught up in “neighbor disputes” or are the subject of unwarranted complaints, and does not apply to violations related to excessive noise such as dog barking.

Animals cited under the provisions of AB 1634 are accorded the exact same due process and appeals rights granted to them for any violation of state or local animal control laws.

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